Exclusive: Ryan Murphy Says More Songs

Exclusive: Ryan Murphy Says More Songs

I'm the kind of person that has the memory to memorize every track to a CD. I noticed this is not the case with the Glee soundtracks because for every song that plays, my mind's matching it up to, not a track but an episode. Maybe you're this way too.

Taking Chances - Episode 4 "Preggers"

Defying Gravity - Episode 9 "Wheels"

You're Having My Baby - Episode 10 "Ballad"

Or maybe you just think I'm nuttier than Terri Schuester. But let's face it, when it comes to Glee, songs and episodes fit together like a Will and Emma (sorry, Ken). And the back nine to come will bring more songs per episodes than we imagined, according to show creator Ryan Murphy:

"We've been averaging five or six songs" per episode in the first 15, [Ryan Murphy] said Thursday before the Hollywood Radio and Television Society's Hitmakers lunch.

So exactly how many more songs per episode should we be expecting? Head over to the exclusive full article here, to find out.

Source: The Wrap