Season 1 Episode 15 episode 15

Glee Episode 15 "The Power of Madonna": Promo Trailer

Glee Episode 15 "The Power of Madonna": Promo Trailer

So, did you all enjoy saying, Hello again to Glee last night? I know I sure did. The highlight for me? Brittany and Santana on a triple date with Finn. Hands down my favorite part.

"Hello! I'm right here."

Anyway, if you're dying to hear what you missed or would just love to see even more of the episode highlights in one place, head on over to Gleeks United for Suzie Gardner's Wednesday Gleecap of episode 14, "Hell-O".

And now for the part you've been waiting for...the promo trailer for next week's highly anticipated "Madonna episode". In case you missed it last night (or you're itching to hear more of Sue's cracks at Will's hair), here it is for you, the promo trailer for episode 15 of Glee, "The Power of Madonna" - SPOILERS AHEAD:

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