Glee Episode 15 “The Power of Madonna”: [Full] Song Spoilers

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April 19, 2010

I’m getting pretty pepped for “The Power of Madonna” tomorrow night, and I hope you guys are too. In addition to promo photos and sneak peeks, with Glee we always have song spoilers to look forward to – and Madonna’s no exception. Glee Songs now has full songs streaming for episode 15, “The Power of Madonna”, including Sue Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) Vogue and the Glee Cast’s Express Yourself. Get on over there for some early listening!

Though if you don’t want to be fully spoiled…try out the fan-favorite of Suzie’s over at Gleeks UnitedLike a Prayer. I’m loving that one too. As for my favorite? I tend to be fond of mash-ups. :)

* Don’t forget, “The Power of Madonna” airs tomorrow (Tuesday) night on Fox, and will run early and late. So set your DVRs accordingly.