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Glee Episode 14 "Hello": Promo Trailer 2

Glee Episode 14 "Hello": Promo Trailer 2

"I will not be burying any hatchets. Not unless I get a clear shot to your groin."

Well, that's how Sue sees it, anyway. At least we know she'll be excited to be making a comeback - just as excited as we Gleeks are at our favorite show's comeback in general. The question is, will Will be excited?

Okay, so that's not really the question. The real question is whether or not you. can. stand. anymore. waiting. The wait is over? Not quite yet, but I can tell you one thing - we'll be saying Hello to Glee again, soon enough. Enjoy this second promo trailer for the back-nine of Glee coming up in April, starting with episode 14, "Hello".


Source: Fox Broadcasting
Thanks to Kyle Collins for the scoop!