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Episode 13 "Sectionals": Spoilers From Cory Monteith

Episode 13 "Sectionals": Spoilers From Cory Monteith

Gleeks everywhere are hyping up for the fall finale to air next Wednesday, but what then? New episodes don't come back around until April. Can we really wait for April? I'm already going through withdrawals before "Sectionals" even airs. I know, I know, wake us up when April comes.

Unfortunately, we don't have much of a choice in that. But we can keep our eyes peeled for upcoming spoilers, starting with "Sectionals" itself. According to Cory Monteith (Finn), even more of a baby bombshell will be dropped after Terri's big secret being found out in "Mattress".

Indeed, 'cause Cory Monteith (Finn) just told us something he probably shouldn't have. Read at your own risk...

I bet you can already put your guesses on what that's about, but you'll definitely want to visit Watch with Kristin for Cory's answers about episode 13, "Sectionals". If only to get a laugh out of which questions he chose to answer.

Source: E! Online