E! Online Scoop: Upcoming Characters & Musical Numbers

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April 13, 2010

Yep, that’s right – even more Gleeky stuff to look forward to! Because even after tonight’s exciting “Hell-O” premiere, we’ve got some spoilers to keep you jumping up and down. Get a load of these from E! OnlineSPOILERS AHEAD:

Denise from Wyckoff, N.J.: Glee!
We just hit up a recoding session with she who can wail Amber Riley (Mercedes), and we got some goods for you. Though the “Express Yourself” number will rock, Amber says the highlight of the Madonna episode will probably be Jane Lynch’s “Vogue.” Probably? Um, we’ve seen it, and Sue Sylvester getting her Vogue on is the highlight of our year. Like, we all have screenshots as the backgrounds on our computers. Fact. Gleeks can also look forward to numbers from the Doors, Men Without Hats (can we dance if we want to?) and Lady Gaga in the second half of the season.

Charlie in Minnesota: When are we going to meet Kurt’s new boyfriend on Glee?
Sorry, Charlie, you’ll have to wait just a teensy bit longer until Kurt’s new lovah debuts because Glee executive producer Brad Falchuk tells us we won’t see that storyline until next year. “We have not cast those new characters yet, and we haven’t gotten into that stuff yet. That will be definitely season two stuff,” he says. Same goes for potential guest star miss Jennifer Lopez. Good news on what you will see more of in the back nine though—the incredibly funny Brittany and Santana. “It’s such a gift to have them,” Brad gushes. “They’re both really good and really funny—absolutely my favorite stuff to write now.”

Speaking of those two…Zap2It has an interview up with Naya Rivera (Santana) and Heather Morris (Brittany), about Sue, Finn…and whether their dynamic duo could possibly turn into a romantic duo? Check it out below: