Darren Criss Likes Having Sebastian Around, But What’s This Mean for Klaine?

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December 13, 2011


Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson) has been quite the busy dude lately, what with becoming a Glee series regular and working to fill the Broadway shoes of Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role for How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

But Darren always takes time for his Gleeks, especially to talk about Klaine and guess what? He’s all for Grant Gustin’s new character, Sebastian Smythe butting in and butting heads:

“I like having Sebastian around. I just like seeing him around. I’m a big fan of Grant. And I think it’s time that we shake things up a little bit,” Darren says, echoing sentiments expressed by his on-screen other half, Chris, last month — much to the chagrin of Klaine fanatics everywhere.

But what might this mean for our dynamic Kurt-and-Blaine duo? Not even Darren knows (or maybe he’s not telling):

“I don’t know,” the actor told Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively at the Golden Globes’ A Night of Firsts in Los Angeles. “We have to find out.”

I can’t imagine a Klaine split ever in a Glee future. But with the way the relationships last in this show, who knows, right? I’m a big fan of Grant’s character already, but what say you guys – think Sebastian is a long-awaited “shaker-upper” for Kurt and Blaine’s new romance?

Source: Wetpaint Entertainment

  • Iloverocks

    Noooo I <3 Blaine and Kurt togethert = Smh. Unless they make blaine bi and he goes out with rachel or quinn <3 Lmfaoo. Hopefully they make him bi. I LOVE Blaine :D

  • Georgina

    I like Sebastian because of the epic bitch fights he has with Kurt. They’re hilarious, and I think he’s a fantastic character which Grant Gustin plays superbly. However, if they break up Klaine I will CRY.

  • guest

    noo that cant happen i like klaine and i dont like sebastian


    If they break up Klaine, I will literally go through the seven stages:

    “No. No way. They did not just do that. That didn’t happen. It can’t!”
    “NOOOOO!!!! They were the best couple ever!!! My life is ruined!!!”
    “I am going to kill Ryan Murphy!!! And Sebastian!! They will pay for this!!!”
    “Oh my god. What will Glee be without Klaine? I will never be happy again. I’m going to go curl up in my sock drawer and sleep for days.”
    “It’s okay I guess…”
    “Okay, I can do this. I can get through this. Maybe the world isn’t really over.”
    “Okay, fine. They broke up. There’s still hope, though! Maybe they’ll get back together!”

    Except for I won’t ever fully recover. I might just repeat the first four stages until the end of time.