Darren Criss Cast as Kurt's New Boyfriend? Yes, No, Maybe...So

Darren Criss Cast as Kurt's New Boyfriend? Yes, No, Maybe...So

Okay, so between Chord Overstreet, Darren Criss, Finn...just kidding. But Kurt has been getting some lovin' predictions/speculations, and now rabid Kurtsies are itching to know who it's really going to be. And now Fox just threw us for another loop.

Seems singer-songwriter Darren Criss (Eastwick, A Very Potter Musical) has snagged the role of gay student, Blaine - of a rival school glee club, the Dalton Academy Warblers (Romeo and Juliet Rachel and Jesse, anyone?). Of course everyone's thinking Criss will play Kurt's upcoming love interest...but a source from Fox claims it's still anyone's guess:

"Although people might speculate that this might be the possible boyfriend for Kurt that Ryan has talked about, he is fairly sure that this particular character won't be. This friendship will be platonic."

So...who's it going to be (and who would you like it to be)? Cute and floppy rival gay student Blaine, or cute and blonde new footballer Sam? Or maybe you're waiting it out to see if it's somebody else. Hit the comments with your wishes/speculations! (And why not take a lookie here at Darren's open casting call video submission while you're at it?):

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, E! Online