Could Blaine Be…Bisexual? Oh, the Horror!

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February 14, 2011

Not technically spoilers of Gleeky things to come, but it is something. Here are a couple of juicy Glee tidbits for you:

  • EDIT:TV Line has just confirmed today that the bisexual TV plot will indeed center around Glee‘s Blaine (Darren Criss), in next week’s episode. Says Ryan Murphy: “Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real. I think that some people will love that discussion and some will not love it.” He also encourages us not to judge the episode until we’ve seen it in its entirety.

    According to Zap2It, TV Line recently released a blind item stating that a celebrated gay TV character might not actually be strictly gay, but bisexual – claiming that, “the question of sexual disorientation arises after the confirmed bachelor has an encounter with a pivotal member of the opposite gender.” While fans are concerned that these signs point to Glee‘s Blaine, I’m not so sure. The term “bachelor” throws me because Blaine is, as was so eloquently pointed out in “Silly Love Songs”, a high school student. Thoughts on this? Would you be torn up if Blaine wasn’t really gay, or do you think Kurt will win him over anyway?

  • Don’t worry too much about it though, Klaine/Burt fans – according to TV Fanatic, Darren Criss (Blaine) had a little chat with TV Guide at the Grammys last night, saying about the plot of the Valentine’s episode, “Silly Love Songs”: “It’s just a minor speed bump. All great love stories need to have their obstacles, otherwise it’s not a love story. I hope that they prolong it for as long as possible. But things develop, that’s for sure.” Eep!
  • Adding to the list of Glee set list no-nos, Justin Timberlake recently refused to have his music featured on the show (following in the footsteps of other artists, such as Kings of Leon). Personally I’m not heartbroken, but I am a little surprised. No doubt at least “Sexy Back” could be a great anthem for any of the Glee guys and gals. Anyone think Timberlake’s mind is made up for good, or think he’ll wind up doing a change-over like Coldplay?

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  • Pagan_lad

    I personally think there is a lack of legitimately bisexual characters on television, and would be heartened to see more, but I think to make Blaine bi would be irresponsible, mainly for the reason that Glee is really making strides to legitimize in the minds of mainstream America the idea that a boy can know he’s gay, that it’s not a phase and he’s not confused about it.

    I’m all for Blaine having doubts about himself and not being a perfect person (which would make for a very boring character) but on the topic of his sexual orientation, I don’t want any confusion there. I find it so refreshing to see a seventeen-year-old boy who know he’s gay and, regardless of whatever other issues he may have, is totally cool about it.

    Also, it would really suck if, of the three gay boys on the show, the only one who is 100% unquestionably gay is the effeminate one. What kind of a statement is THAT?

    I think humanizing Blaine in “Silly Love Songs” by showing that he can be as awkward as any lovesick kid was a brilliant move, but no chicks, please.

  • blaine1

    ryan murphy recently said the blaine will be and always be 100% gay!!!!

  • Yeah.

    nooooo!!! i’m soo upset with this. :(
    ruins everything.

  • Xtalpearblossom

    ohhhh i hope blaine is just drunk!!!!! EeeeNOOOOO!!!!!!!!! KLAINE, KLAINE FOREVER!!!

  • Tea And A Cheshire Smile

    Kurt coBlaine forever indeed. But I think it’s safe to say he IS just drunk… even though he sings “Don’t You Want Me Baby” with Rachel.