Chris Colfer Says, a Lot of Development for Kurt and Blaine

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October 11, 2011

In case you hadn’t heard the word yet, Glee is taking a short hiatus until November 1 (when episode 4, “Pot O’ Gold” will air). But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about the Glee future – specifically, Klaine’s future.


In fact, new gay Warbler character, Sebastian (Grant Gustin) is coming up here pretty quick in episode 5 of season 3 to come between our two lovebirds. But Chris Colfer (Kurt) assures us that, while there are definitely more obstacles ahead for Kurt and Blaine, it’s all for the better:

“Finally, a lot of development with them and this Sebastian character…. After this next script, I’ve never loved Kurt and Blaine more. They’re a modern version of Lucy and Ricky — obviously I’m Lucy.”

While I Love Kurt doesn’t have quite the same ring to it that I Love Lucy does, I think we can all agree that we all love Kurt-and-Blaine. Looks like soon, we’ll be loving ‘em even more.

Who out there is a Klaine fan? Speak up and let your Gleeky voice be heard in the comments!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

  • Bertie

    I so hope that it doesn’t go too badly. Maybe Blaine will get curious about Sebastian and then Karofsky will maybe comfort Kurt or something. Or Sebastian tries it with Blain and Kurt comes in at the wrong moment :O I so want Blaine to upset Kurt and then be all like, ‘I’m so sorry I really do love you!’ And Finn might be all like ‘you hurt my brother’ but Blaine is like ‘I made a mistake because I thought Kurt was my only option and it turns out I actually do love him…. sorry I’m rambling. But it will all work out in the end coz they’re just sooo cute together XD I will cry if the split. Seriously. Like buckets. haha

  • Glee

    I kind of want kurt and karofsky to end up together. If karofsky joins glee club, then it would make since. I guess they would be called Kurtofsky

  • Kit Kat

    From secret intelligence i have heard that Karofsky will be getting… here it comes… a… BOYFRIEND!!! Now this Sebastian kid, curse his rotten intestines for even thinking about destroying Klaine, will possibly be a lover for Karofsky. Sebasky has a nice ring to it don’t u think…? Like me if u agree with anything in this brief little summary on the insides of my head

  • Bertie

    Haha sounds like a type of sauce XD Sebasky. but yeah that would be good. Then Klaine can remain haha

  • The Glee unicorn

    Kurt and Sebastian will be a couple. Mark my words

  • Klaine Lover <3

    NEVER!!! Kurt and Blaine for the win!! I’m a huge Klaine fan!!! I really hope that Blaine realizes he loves Kurt and stuff when Sebastian causes trouble and they will become even closer or something idk but I love them!! I heard that in episode 5, Kurt loses his virginity to Blaine!!! so does Rachel! (except to finn duh) ahhhhh! The episode is called “The First Time”. hmmmmm ;)

  • Mai

    I’m just hoping episode 5 won’t be disappointing. I mean, seeing as it was leaked could that mean they won’t have it as a main thing in the episode? Blaine and Kurt haven’t done much lately and the writers want to focus on main characters. Is Kurt and Blaine classed as main characters? Also, I have to admit, I’m rather scared about Sebastian coz Kurt and Blaine are so sweet it’d be a shame if anything happens.