Glee Casting a Mom for Chord Overstreet's Sam Evans!

Glee Casting a Mom for Chord Overstreet's Sam Evans!

We've seen Mike's parents, Emma's parents, we'll be meeting Santana's parents in episode 7, and we've heard that we might be seeing Brittany's mom sometime in the future (sorry Rachel Berry fans, no gay dads yet) - so hey, why not meet Sam's parents? I mean, we've already met his little bro and little sis, right? Makes total sense.

With character Sam Evans returning to the show in episode 8 of this season, Glee is currently casting for a comedic actress to play Chord Overstreet's TV mom. And there's a little song spoiler rumor floating around, too:

"Sam's return is only four episodes away and rumor has it he'll be singing Bruno Mars' 'The Lazy Song.' However, the actress who will play his mom has not yet been unveiled. A little fishy has told us that they are looking for a blonde or brunette woman in her 40s."

Blonde or brunette because they weren't sure if Chord would dye his hair back? Ha. Who do you think should play Sam's mom?

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