Calling All Glee Music Lovers to Glee Soundtrack!

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June 29, 2010

Let’s face it, we’re all a little obsessed when it comes to the music in Glee. Don’t try to deny it. Whether you’ve been to CD signings, Glee Live!, or one of the flash mobs, I know you’re out there. (Mainly because I’m one of you.)

So I thought you’d want to know about our other Glee blog, Glee Soundtrack. Come join me in the fun as I blog about everything to do with the music in Glee, like:

Plus, I’ve also got some fun stuff up my sleeve to keep us entertained until new episodes this fall. For starters, I’m challenging you guys to take your fantasy picks on which Coldplay songs you would feature in Glee.

Love Glee? Love music? Love Glee music? Then Glee Soundtrack is the Glee blog for you. Hope to see you guys over there!


Photo credit: Cory Monteith Daily