Glee – More About Britney Spears Episode

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August 19, 2010

Who’s pumped for the Britney Spears tribute episode this season!? I wasn’t at first (and glad the writers’ focus will be closer to home from now on), but you gotta admit Brittany singing Britney’s a little hard to resist. Can’t wait to hear that voice of Heather Morris’! What? You haven’t been keeping up with all the “Britney Spears” episode spoilers? Then we’ll have to get you caught up with these guys:

In addition to that, here’s a little more scoop on the episode from John Stamos (set to play Will’s new rival Emma’s new dentist beau) via E! Online:

John [Stamos]…says of the Britney Spears episode, in which he takes part: “I’ve seen the script, and it’s really well-written. Ryan wrote it.” He adds that Britney’s guest spot is not yet written into the script he’s seen, but “if you’re a Glee fan, this episode is one of the best I’ve seen.”

Hear that? “One of the best”. But what do you guys think? Hit the comments and discuss what you’re most (or least) excited about!