Britney Episode in Season 2! In More Ways Than One

Britney Episode in Season 2! In More Ways Than One

Yep, you heard right. There is in fact going to be a "Britney" episode coming up in season 2 (dramatic pause for all the "yay"s and "ugh"s), and it's going to be more "Britney-fied" than we thought. Check out this one from TV Guide:

Series creator Ryan Murphy tells exclusively that McKinley High's deliciously ditzy Cheerio Brittany will be at the center of Season 2's tribute to Spears.

And it gets better. Brittany will be belting out not one, but two of the pop star's tunes. "Heather's actually got a terrific voice," Murphy says.

And while we're talking about Britney, here's some scoop on her best bud, Kurt, from Fancast:

Britney episode (ugh!) or not, I can’t wait for ‘Glee’ to return. Any new scoop to share? – AlwaysAnnie87
While congratting Chris Colfer on his Emmy nod, I asked if the decision to nix the reality spin-off based on this summer’s nationwide casting call means that the introduction of Kurt’s new beau has been bumped as well. “No, he’s definitely coming on,” Chris said. “I don’t know how they’re going to cast it or who it’s going to be, but he’s definitely coming.”

So anyone want to take any stabs at guessing some Britney songs for Brittany? I'll be featuring some fan picks over at Spoilers Guide's sister site, Glee Soundtrack this summer, so you Gleeks here get first dibs! Hit the comments and share your Britney Spears song ideas (and scene scenarios) for some Britney numbers.