Behind the Scenes Photos of Glee: Quinn in a Wheelchair?

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February 22, 2012

In photos taken on the set of Glee yesterday, Kevin McHale’s Artie wasn’t the only character seen in a wheelchair. If these on-set photos are any indication, it would seem Quinn (Dianna Agron) is very much alive after the car crash from last night’s “On My Way” – but it does look as if Dianna might have to learn to do the wheelchair dance for future episodes. (What might this mean for Quinn rejoining the Cheerios?)

Although according to the spoiler mill at Celebrity Gossip, it sounds like there was some sort of wheelchair race involved in the shooting of this episode – so could Quinn-in-a-wheelchair just be a spoiler scare tactic to throw us off? Guess we’ll have to wait until April to find out.

Take a look at these behind-the-scenes photos of Quinn in a wheelchair:

Source: Pacific Coast News Online

  • Nicholai

    at least she didnt die, but she cant dance anymore =(
    why that happend to her after she comeback to Cheerios 
    poor quinn =(

  • Kyle

    if she will be in a wheelchair, she wont be able to dance anymore:(.
    but at least artie has someone to relate

  • Helenalopes92

    She should not be in a wheelchair. She already got pregnant, lost her baby, lost prom queen, lost Finn, Sam and Puck. Quinn has had too many bad luck and now that everything was going ok (back on the cherios and everything), she has an accident and ends up on in a wheelchair!!!! Too much bad luck for the same character. We hope it is only to scare the audience, I want to see Quinn with her Cherios uniform on the top of the pyramid again.

  • Cookiemonster21

    :( at least she isnt dead. I saw the same pics in PEople magazine so its prob true

  • LexiIsAGleek

    i have a theory. i dont think quinn will be completely paralyzed. i think she’ll be in the chair while she gets physical therapy. it would be bad on the writers part to have 2 main characters both paralyzed and in wheel chairs due to car accidents. and as for dianna being in paris, i think its a trick. i don’t think she’s actually there but she’s been told to post about it and post pics to throw us off and make us think she’s not working on set. again its only a theory, but it gives me hope :) <3

  • A Mela

    I heard about a possible suicide after some weeks on the wheelchair