Glee Season 2: Awesome Ausiello Chord Overstreet Scoop

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August 18, 2010

When it gets to be August, I unconsciously start itching for more Glee. I’m not even thinking about it really, and then I’ll experience random moments of, “OhMyGoshOneMonthTillGlee!” Anyone else have that problem?

Which is why I had a field day with this little spoiler via Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly:

The show’s season 2 stud-muffin, Chord Overstreet, tells us that McKinley High may be about to go the way of All About Eve. “I join the glee club and also the football team,” he reveals. “I start off as Finn’s friend, [but] by the end, I slowly become more of his competition [and] give him a run for his money. He doesn’t like that I do both of the things he does, and I do them pretty well, if I do say so myself.” What about Rachel? Will he be a rival for her attention as well? “There are lots of single characters on the show, so who knows?” he nonanswers. My guess? He’ll turn out to be the love interest for Kurt that we’ve all heard about.

What a coincidence, that’s my guess too, Michael! Would really love it if that were to happen. What are my Gleeks thinking? This new football dude going to zero in on Rachel or Kurt, first? (Watch Finn get jealous either way, totally calling it.)