Aussielo Spoilers: What Up in Rachel-Land?

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November 19, 2009

Michael Aussiello of The Aussiole Files recently ran into Lea Michele (Rachel) at the New Moon premiere, and she gave an idea of what fans can expect toward the mid-season finale concerning the build-up of the two baby secrets. Will it all unravel?


Question: Got any Glee scoop? —Amanda
I do after running into Lea Michele at Monday’s New Moon premiere in Hollywood. Rachel’s portrayer told us that many of the baby-centric plots that have been building up will start to unravel as we head toward the mid-season finale on Dec. 9. Mr. Schuester’s pregnancy-faking wife will be found out, and Finn will discover he’s not the father of Quinn’s baby. And what up in Rachel-land? Look for a little tension between the spotlight-hogger and Mercedes. “They have been setting up a competitive thing between those two, and we deal with it,” said Michele. “Rachel can’t always get the best part.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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