Aussielo Spoilers: What Up in Rachel-Land?

Aussielo Spoilers: What Up in Rachel-Land?

Michael Aussiello of The Aussiole Files recently ran into Lea Michele (Rachel) at the New Moon premiere, and she gave an idea of what fans can expect toward the mid-season finale concerning the build-up of the two baby secrets. Will it all unravel?


Question: Got any Glee scoop? —Amanda
I do after running into Lea Michele at Monday’s New Moon premiere in Hollywood. Rachel’s portrayer told us that many of the baby-centric plots that have been building up will start to unravel as we head toward the mid-season finale on Dec. 9. Mr. Schuester’s pregnancy-faking wife will be found out, and Finn will discover he’s not the father of Quinn’s baby. And what up in Rachel-land? Look for a little tension between the spotlight-hogger and Mercedes. “They have been setting up a competitive thing between those two, and we deal with it,” said Michele. “Rachel can’t always get the best part.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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