Aussielo Spoilers: Swingin' Sue & Possible Plot Twist

Aussielo Spoilers: Swingin' Sue & Possible Plot Twist

It took me a few episodes to warm up to devious Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester. I stood as an avid Schuester fan from the very beginning so you can imagine why it originally came as a shock to me that she could be somebody's favorite character. Now I can't possibly imagine the series without her - in fact, I found myself missing her in action during "Ballad".

Jane Lynch's portrayal of Sue is what really makes the character, so it's understandable we would eventually want to see a performance from Lynch as well. It is Glee, after all. Besides, why should Will get all the teacher numbers?

Well, the spoilers are flying around again over at The Aussielo Files, and for Glee, we have some exciting Sue news from Lynch herself:

“'I have read the first two episodes [of the back-nine] and I can tell you that I will be singing and dancing,' Lynch reveals. 'I can’t tell you what I’m singing because it’s top-secret.' Just a little hint? Teases Lynch: “'It’s a very cold song.'"

Of course. Top-secret. At least our wishes have been granted, and our anxious wait for the new episodes just got a little more Glee-ful. But wait, there's more. Lynch also tells us that we're likely to see Sue's sister again (and with it, maybe her softer side too):

“'I hear that that will happen, yes,' confirms Jane Lynch of her TV sis’ return. 'I haven’t read anything yet, but I heard that’s in the works for somewhere in the next nine episodes.'”

Oh, and there could also be an "X-rated plot twist" involved sometime in our (Glee-ful?) future...that is, assuming it doesn't get to House first. Sound strange? Check out one of the first few clips in the latest installment of Aussiello TV to find out just how strange.

Source: Entertainment Weekly