Ausiello Spoilers: Glee Scoop To Tide You Over…

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March 25, 2010

…until April 13 gets here, that is. Which isn’t too far off now. And we thought it would never get here. ;) Notice that video embedded up there? It’s a new release from Access Hollywood. Look out for some short commentaries from the cast.

And now, I’m bringing on the spoilers. Check out this latest from The Ausiello Files:

Question: I came home for spring break to find that my mother had sold my Smurf collection on eBay. The only thing that could make me feel better is little Glee scoop. —Blake
My partner tried to do the same thing with my collection. He’s now missing something very near and dear to him. Coincidence? I think not. Onto the Glee scoop, there’s an episode coming up in which Puck gets paired up with someone new — resulting in a musical tug-of-war for his attention. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: Please help out a worried Gleek. Your frenemy put out a spoiler that there is a seriously sad twist ahead for Puck on Glee. Can you spill anything? —Erin
Only that it doesn’t involve him losing a limb or a relative. “It’s Glee tragic,” clarifies executive producer Brad Falchuk. “He’s not going to lose an arm. No family member will pass away. He will get some news that is very surprising that will have a very big effect on his life.”

Question: Can you pppllleeeaasssee figure out what’s going on with the Glee season 2 casting call? ‘Cause I am majorly confused. —Sandra
I’m told there’s been a slight delay. Look for another announcement with additional details next week.

Source: Entertainment Weekly / Thanks for the Access Hollywood video tip goes to Gleeks United.