Glee Season 2 Episode 17 “A Night of Neglect” Promo #3

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April 6, 2011

We have the latest Glee promo for Glee season 2 episode 17 – “A Night of Neglect” – airing on April 19.

We’ll upload better quality video when it becomes available, in the meantime make sure you check out all the links below video for other spoilers that we’ve posted for that episode.

  • July

    That was Blaine pushing Karofsky?? I have to watch that!!!

  • rentAgleek

    omg will kissing brittany?!?!?!

  • Epn 1998

    no its will & holly

  • Taylor

    Not sure what looked coolest…
    -Mike & Finn dancing
    -Their shirts in Born This Way pointing out what seems to be their insecurities?
    -Blaine pushing Karofsky
    Oh these next few episodes are going to rock my socks!!

  • V2113

    Wait, was it just me, or was that BRITTANY slushying Santana, and not Karofsky, because it looked like it was Brittany…

    Also… FINALLY! I can’t believe it took Blaine so long to show Karofsky that when you mess with Kurt, retribution will COME!!! Now, I just have to see what’s going to happen next… WHY ARE PROMOS SO MEAN!!! That took HALF a SECOND! Ugh!

  • Percy

    @V2113 no, it was definitely Dave Karofsky slushying Santana, because while she is dripping red, Karofsky makes a ‘Take that’ face as he walks around her. And why would Brittany slushie her? Brittany told her in ‘Sexy’ that she did love Santana back, but didn’t want to hurt Artie.

  • Roydhunt

    Did you know which prmo shows sue watching brittany and santana
    In the hallway during there love for each other ??? I think sue somehow
    Tells Karofsky of Maybe Quinn was afraid Santana might be a threat
    To her prom queen ambition . 66roy