A Glee Episode to Die For – Literally

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May 3, 2011

Update May 11th: These spoilers were posted a week ago, visit our homepage for more spoilers, including promo trailer.

You got it, it has been confirmed for sure-for sure now that there will indeed be another Glee death on the horizon (hey, Pavarotti counts…). But I highly doubt this one will be as comical. Well I guess it wasn’t quite that comical to Kurt and the Warblers.

Matthew Morrison (Will) shed a little light on the upcoming “Funeral” episode:

“Somebody’s dying,” Morrison allegedly says in an interview with E! Online. (Oddly, we can’t find a link to the original interview on the E! site, so we’re taking this with a grain of salt.) “Obviously I’m not going to tell you who it is, but it’s no-one that you would probably expect.”

Grain of salt, maybe not. Because TV Line is also spoiling a death soon to come. But it will not be Karofsky (Ryan Murphy confirms) and it will not be Emma (where did this one even come from!?). But it will be female. I have my own speculation, what about you guys?

Don’t worry, there’s more optimistic news than death and more death (kind of a downer…Glee bosses are just lucky they snuck that Klaine kiss in sooner rather than later). More spoilers for you guys, of Glee things to come:

  • Reminder: Kristin Chenoweth is coming back as April Rhodes! Says Morrison of her return: “[Chenoweth's character] April’s coming back,” Morrison says. “I don’t know if she’s quite sobered up yet! Her all-white production of The Wiz failed on Broadway so she’s going to start doing a one-woman show that she’s getting ready to show on Broadway. So she’s asking for my help.”
  • Since Emma and Dr. Carl are kaput, it’s not looking too likely that we’ll be seeing more of John Stamos anytime soon. But you never know, he could come back for another guest (Santana’s full of schemes, I’m sure she could somehow relate it to winning back Brittany). Jayma Mays would be thrilled at least.
  • There could be some Finchel going down in New York, during Nationals. No skinny yet on the how or the why, but do we even care? Finchel!
  • There hasn’t exactly been a yes or a no on the “if they’re re-shooting the prom episode debate”, but it’s something Darren Criss says he wouldn’t be too excited about when asked if he’d heard about the re-shoot: “No, I haven’t. That would be a pain. We worked so hard. Jeez. That would suck. Let’s hope that’s not the case.” We hope not too. Because how much fun to watch does this sound: “We had a blast [shooting the prom]. Oh my god, we had these really, really long shooting days, three days in a row. And it was so much fun because it was really beautiful outside and everyone’s dressed up. That was probably the funnest shooting days we had. They were really long, but we had lots of food and lots of just games—we were playing basketball. We had a blast.”

    Hit the comments for discussion on the prom, the death…and whatever else you like!

    Other sources: Zap2It, E! Online

  • Girallthat

    Beckys mom.

  • Kaitlin Salole

    i think it will be becky :(

  • gtgtgtg

    it will not be coach bestiee


     I hate to say it, but I think it may be Becky. :(

  • Hyper-Falco

    Upon first thinking about it, I assumed Jean- Sue’s sister- too.
    However, it could be Becky, or April -well that’s one way she’ll stop coming back- or Holly :( I hope its not Holly anyways…
    Maybe Sue’s mom? Then again, I dont think that’d affect anyone that much cause she’s a total cow…

  • Hyper-Falco

     Then again, it could be The Honey Badger… Yes, I mean Terri.
    Would shake up Will a bit- leading to the whole of Glee club to kinda collapse cause their amazingly talented teacher is down and crying, even though he didnt like her- he was still married to her at one point…

  • Jessicaal16

    It could only be a select few people who die. However, this is glee and they would obviously sing about it! Since I’ve realised nobody’s checked the song list I did some research to find the songs out. They are: Try a little tenderness – Mercedes, My man – Rachel, Pure Imagination – ND, Back to black – Santana and Some people – Kurt. I’m going to listen to the songs and try and find out some more information! Should be able to tell by the songs… 

  • Marckonz

    or quinns daughter 
    -not a adult
    -quinn cries in promo
    - she wants to quit glee
    - shes doesnt wear a proper dress to the funeral ( maybe because shes so upset….all adds up.
    - effects a member of glee quinn-puck

  • Marckonz

    or quinns daughter 
    -not a adult
    -quinn cries in promo
    - she wants to quit glee
    - shes doesnt wear a proper dress to the funeral ( maybe because shes so upset….all adds up.
    - effects a member of glee quinn-puck

  • Dania1998

    defo i agree totally 
    i gathered loads of clues
    and there is a picture of sue crying on becky’s shoulder
    but it is really sad for her . her sister is cute
    apparently someone from a major glee couple will die ….

  • Asdfghjkl

     i bet its rachels mom, thats why quinn cries in the promo…she has to take her baby back

  • Mcgrann

     i think the death will be becky

  • Socksrocks10

     Seriously people they cant take any of the main people off it would ruin the whole show it is probably sues sister

  • jasononyx

     That is either the most moronic thing I have ever read, or extremely homophobic.  I am not sure..

  • Jguglgihlihl

     EXACTLY! That’s what I reckon too, plus in the promo, even though you can’t see, it looks like Quinn is in a hospital, maybe that’s where they put Beth after Shelby dies? She fits the role perfectly. Female. Not in ND. Beloved to a member of the club. And I haven’t read anything about her in season three, unlike April and Holly. They are in Season 3. 

  • Jessicaal16

     I suppose that Jean would fit most of the criteria, but how would it affect somebody in ND? …and why would they go to the funeral? Sue’s always mean to them! Also, the songs would somehow suggest what was happening but I can’t really tell: who it is; who is affected but I think it definately isnt Jean. It’s most probably Becky, April or Shelby.

  • Jessicaal16

    omg! It’s Becky, nobody can deny it after reading this ! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauren_Potterhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauren_Potter 

  • Zhou

    i’m soooo sick of it that everyone thinks Quinn dies just because she wasn’t prom queen. com’on she’s not that low in fact she awesome, she’ sooo my fav. character 

  • be a Gleek for Glee

    i’m sooo sick of it that people think Quinn is gonna die just because she wasn’t prom queen, i mean…com’on she’s not that low. at least if you think it’s quinn make sure you have a serieus answer. in fact i love quinn, she’s my fav. characters. in your face 

  • http://twitter.com/pizzahead27 Jade T.

    omg ppl itz Shelby rachels mom!!!!!!!

  • Fiorelovs_u

    it’s Miss Hollyday ;) 

  • I’m a Gleek, too!!

    Yes, it is Jean. I know because of my friends, who somehow find out everything on Glee. Sue turns nice for a while, and she holds Will’s hand!! She – duh – gets New Directions to sing at the funeral, and it’s a song from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (which is weird). I’m seeing it in exactly two hours!!