‘GCB’ An Enlightening Revelation

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April 16, 2012

The Season Finale of GCB is on May 6! The fun Dallas themed show finishes its first season with episode 10 “Revelation”. And what would a season finale be without some spoilers?

According to TvLine major bombshells will be dropped!

The GCB’s travel to Mexico for the groundbreaking of Carlene’s (Kristin Chenowyth) “Condos for Christian Living.” Specifically, a big secret from Ripp’s (David James Elliot) past will be exposed that will turn his and Carlene’s relationship upside down.

I wonder what the secret will be! I hope it invovles Blake (Mark Deklin). What do you think? As always comment below! And remeber to watch GCB April 29 for episode “Adam and Eve’s Rib”