GCB Says Goodbye to Dallas

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May 12, 2012

Hey GCB fans. As you guys can tell from the title, It’s official ABC has officially cancelled GCB. This is the last GCB post I’ll be writing and Revelation was the last GCB episode you’ll see air. Goodbye’s are hard and it seems like they cancelled it right when things were about to get really interesting.

What did you enjoy most about the show?  What will you miss most about the show? Leave your thought on the series below in the comments! Maybe even watch the entire season again for some closure? Comment  Below!

  • Kori

    Bring it back…please!! It was such a refreshing and fun show! Please!!!!

  • Beatrice

    WTF???? It was one of the better shows they showed. Just when things were starting to get good. Annie Potts was awesome!!!! Bring it back!!!,

  • http://www.facebook.com/anong.jones Anong Jones

    I’m from Australia and loved the show, I only just finished watching episode 10 and now there’s not going to be a season 2… boo hiss!

  • WerlinGirl

    What?! It was the only reason to turn on the TV! Bring back GCB.

  • karla

    Excuse me….this was one of my favorite shows….I can not believe you got rid of it…PUT IT BACK ON!!!!!

  • karla

    Send me my own copy of this show….ALL episodes recorded please…THANK YOU

  • Sophie_G
  • Belle

    I love this..PLEASEEEE BRING IT BACK.I hate it when the story get good and then it got cancelled. I want to know how it goes with amanda and the pastor, cricket and blake,so on and so on

  • Deb

    So sad to see this go. I’ve been watching for the season premiere. This was the only comedy I was looking forward to. I just checked out 666 and if they canned GCB for that they gambled wrong. Sadly there I love the cast, just the story sucks.

  • Bibbs

    I absolutely loved this show. I was soooooo looking forward to seeing the second season. So sad…please bring it back!

  • sdrainwater

    ABC sucks I love this show. It is great.

  • Cam

    Really sad that they canceled this show! It is so so so good! :(

  • Estherella

    Love the show… Was hoping for a season 2 ;-(

  • Chris Antos


  • Mel

    Are you freaking kidding me!!!!
    How do you expect to keep viewers if you don’t keep the shows on for more then one season?
    It was a good show

  • sharon

    omg!!!!! bring it back!!! i looooved that show…it was hilarious!!!!!!!! if abc wont maybe another network????

  • Nelly

    Bah! I just got into watching it and now you say its GONE! Now what to watch.. ON ABC?!?!

  • Piglaart

    We have just finished watching Season 1 in Australia. GCB is a brilliant show, it is so well done can not believe it has been cancelled. I can’t believe that no one else has picked this up. I read the comments in regard to cancelling the show and its a shame that the “religious” groups in the US have taken it the wrong way. Lighten up and bring back the show or maybe HBO should pick it up!

  • Sarahellisem

    Watching from Australia and I Love love love this show!!!!!! I googled to see if the add saying final episode was true!!! So sad that its not going to continue.. It’s one of my favourites!!!

  • ms.c

    i love this show please please please bring it back… from australia

  • Australian GCB fan!!!!

    Please bring back GCB….I’m from Australia and live it. So upset its going!!!!!

  • Luislell

    OMG Bring it back??? how do you decide what to take off put it back on now!!!!

  • Sassy

    Loved loved loved this show!!!!!!!!! Was so looking forward to season 2 :(

  • Martina

    Just watched the last ep in Aus and I am devo this show was cancelled. I loooooooved it!

  • FAW

    I love the show!!! Please don’t cancel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mariaojr.junior Marião Jr Junior

    Season 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suzanne

    I cant believe it. First decent new show to air and u cancel it. Im devestated. Please bring it back for all us Good Christians of Australia.

  • Kerilew

    Bummer I really enjoyed the quirky humor on that show and was looking forward to season 2

  • JustJenna

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …sooooooo ticked off this show was cancelled…was really looking forward to season 2….who the heck makes these decisions???!!!!

  • JustJenna


  • challiwag

    GCB is a great show they need to bring on season 2 not end it altogether BRING IT ON

  • boskwena

    :-( no season 2!!! bring it back please!

  • Mama

    Boo – I really enjoy this show, looked forward to it every week – sometimes these networks SUCK!!

  • Vrosie

    I can’t BELIEVE they aren’t bringing back GCB! I have grown tired if reality shows, so all of the actual scripted shows are a welcome relief. I loved the show and am as disappointed as I was when”Kings” didn’t return. The best shows are always cut.

  • Crystal

    I can’t believe they canceled GCB, the show was liked by so many and people are very upset about this decision. Hopefully someone else will pick it up. Big mistake for canceling though, things were starting to get really good and there were a lot of viewers. They canceled this show and left the crappy ones on T.V.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kristen.colton Kristen Colton

    Bring it back I loved the show !

  • VonCarl

    I want GCB season 2. Love this show!

  • mimi

    I’m devastated!

  • danna


  • Countrygirl@heart

    This is typical. Bring back this show!!!!

  • Lierl

    Too bad this show was hilarious and accurate!

  • John

    That family organization that petitioned for the show to be cancelled certainly made things worse because now we’re stuck with the most disgusting show, 666 Park Avenue. They should have cancelled Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23, because GCB was the one reason to watch ABC.

  • Faely

    ABC sucks. Get rid of the mindless “reality” shows and give us something with actual entertainment.

  • cudabear

    Everytime i like a show, it always seems to get cancelled!!! I loved this show and ABC needs to bring it back!!! In the name of the LORD!!! BRING IT BACK ABC!!! IT HAD STARTED GETTING REALLY GOOD!!!!

  • john

    ABC sucks. Obviously.

    Finally….a good show I truly like and they cancel it after the first season. Well I wont be watching ABC again

  • john

    take DWTS and shove it up your a**….a bunch of “not so famous people” trying to dance and crap when there are talented people such as Kristen Chenoweth who deserves to be playing……man i’m pissed. ABC makes so much money that there is no need to cancel shows….greedy bastards. Wish their a**es were out there living in middle to lower class and truly feeling the way it is working from paycheck to paycheck. They don’t give a rats a**. Only keep the shows that can make them alot of money.

  • Zoe


  • Sad Mac

    I have been patiently waiting for season 2! This is disappointing. GCB was a very entertaining show. PLEASE bring it back!

  • rhonda

    You know after reading all these messages you would think ABC would get their head out of their butts!!! But no they continue with all the stupid reality T.V. shows that after all this time really suck and are soooooo boring…We need GCB back now on any network..we don’t care which one!!!! Dancing With the Stars??? really suck suck suck… I give up on a network that used to be good now just plain crappy Desperate Housewives awesome..GCB awesome..please please bring it back we all need to see what happens with all our Dallas girls and guys!!!

  • Aussie Mum

    Of course they had to can it….. No blood No drugs No violence No murder…seems no one wants to LAUGH anymore. So sad…At least i will always have the best quote every from it “DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT” still laugh at that one :)

  • TeamGCB

    You can thank 100millionMoms for the cancellation of this! These convenient “Christians” go out of their way to pressure the networks into canceling great shows! Boycott them! I sure am! They aren’t good Christians in my eyes!! They totally missed the message in each episode! Talk about mental midgets!! Way to go ABC! Giving in to pressure from terrorists like these!!

  • Sylvia

    What a stupid thing to do … come on you renewed such crap agian .. and left this heartfelt funny show to the dust … stupid stupid stupid !! BRING IT BACK !!

  • SillyWabbit

    I was anxiously waiting for season 2 to start…..it’s very upsetting, I think it should have a second season to get in full swing. There are much worse shows out there that jumped the shark a long time ago and are still on the air. Shame on you ABC!!!

  • Bill Kruse

    It was a great show and very humorous, with the frequent innuendos about the hypocrisy of Christians. That was the real reason it was cancelled, I believe, the “christians” could not accept the reality that they are flawed> I am sorry it is gone, I looked forward to seeing it renewed, especially when so many lesser shows were renewed, Shows like “the B in apartment…” even “two broke girls” which i like, waned in comparison to “The GCB”

  • eske

    come on ABC!!!it’s one of the best n hilarious series………u gotta make season 2 n even more

  • Headie

    I too was hooked from the start. It was a fantastic show. This stinks!!! Shame on ABC. It was a GREAT replacement for Desperate Housewives. Whatever.

  • Jessie

    I miss this show I loved it

  • Cookie

    Any show that is good seem to get the ax. Why can’t they leave them alone and give them a chance. There are so many shows that are the same and this one was different. I am very disappointed it won’t be back. There is so little to watch anymore.

  • Snarfy50

    I’m so tired of finding out that all the networks are canceling great shows like GCB and Harry’s Law because of people in the age groups of 18 – 49 are not interested in these programs. I have been waiting for GCB and some other programs to come on to find out they have been cancelled. TV is getting very boring!

  • Aussie gcb fans forever

    We’re from Australia and we love the show so much that we can’t believe it’s going to end now it was so funny and there was nothing else on Monday nights as funny as this I loved seeing Carlene try to stand the same hieght as rip please don’t end everyone in the show was so good at making it funny and now were all annoyed that it’s going to end noooooooo!!!

  • Vla

    NOOOOOOOOOOO :*| This is so sad.. i was really looking forward to season 2. why do al good shows get cancelled!! SO MAD!:S

  • bettttthhhhhhhhhh


  • Missuz L

    But why? It was funny, not overly sexual as is want today, had a believable cast and had a moral to the story in every episode! A rarity in of itself! So I ask again- why???

  • iheart

    they keep desperate houeswifes on but not gcb

  • GCB fan

    So Upset, bad call ABC!!!

  • Diane

    Awww buggar, I so loved this show!!! I know a lot of Aussies loved it also, we watched it religiously and want more. Come on guys make more Seasons!!!

  • Sad fan

    Oh noooo!!!! I loved this show. We were looking forward to season 2. I hope another network picks it up.

  • Disappointed

    I loved this show!

  • Krissy

    I’m. Betting a lot of so called ‘Christians ‘ and Jehovah witnesses Mormons and other hoyty toyty faloyty ppl who took offence at the reality of themselves -in the case of Jehovah witnesses and Mormons they just listen to local gossip and never actually watch even 10 minutes of it let alone 2 or 3 episodes to get a better truth to what they try to tell ppl when going door to door -( had one group when buffy was running and omg they said buffy was a witch xander was a vampire lol BIG buffy fan back then gave them a lecture with the added’ you should get your facts straight before crapping on about something). I didn’t really like the show it was in my view boaring but hey each to their own I’m just sick of the minority as before mentioned ppl who have it banned because of their own insecurities and the truth thrown at them .

  • Gettogirl

    Sooooooo depressing!!!!!! I loved GCB and was looking forward to another season. ABC pulls this shot all the time and quite honestly it’s annoying!

  • Amandahawk

    Bring GCB back!!! This show was cut way too soon! The decision was completely premature. So upsetting.

  • link2322

    that’s sad abc cancelled the show i really like the show and all the beautiful women on the show

  • http://www.facebook.com/riani.nainggolan Riani Tania Nainggolan

    I want them back!!pleaseee,,:,(

  • http://www.facebook.com/riani.nainggolan Riani Tania Nainggolan

    Yeah I’m curious too after Amanda kissed pastor,,LOL
    I’m not from America too but I love GCB.. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/riani.nainggolan Riani Tania Nainggolan

    Btw,how about if we send an email to ABC to bring GCB?

  • PC

    bring it back!!! I PVR’ed it to share with friends. l loved this show

  • Maria

    Luv this show!!! Why would the network cancel it? There is nothing on tV close to this show. Cancel one of those cheesy reality shows. I am so disappointed in the network, work something out n get this show back. Maybe a more talented network can pick u guys up! I definitely want to see another season.


    o my god i am realy PO

  • samantha

    excuse me? why would they cancel such an excellent show? it was the first good girl series in a long time. They should appreciate that it passed all the fails they produced in the past two years. Put it back please. now.

  • essy