GCB Says Goodbye to Dallas

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May 12, 2012

Hey GCB fans. As you guys can tell from the title, It’s official ABC has officially cancelled GCB. This is the last GCB post I’ll be writing and Revelation was the last GCB episode you’ll see air. Goodbye’s are hard and it seems like they cancelled it right when things were about to get really interesting.

What did you enjoy most about the show?  What will you miss most about the show? Leave your thought on the series below in the comments! Maybe even watch the entire season again for some closure? Comment  Below!

  • s

    Why did it get cancelled please?

  • Rhondamg

    This was a very well written, funny show. Whoever is in charge of the line up should reconsider. This show will be missed

  • Jenn

    That is upsetting, I really enjoyed it. I love Annie Potts and it was such a great laugh. Drat it all.

  • Me

    I loved this show. I liked every single episode. I wish they repulse bring it back. I’m not even christian and I liked the show. It bought different perspectives of another culture that I’m not familiar with. I really enjoyed seeing them. Yes it may be sterotypical but out was entertaining. Please bring it back.


    What?!!?? This was a great show!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessy.a.somerhalder Jessy Addo Somerhalder


  • http://www.facebook.com/jessy.a.somerhalder Jessy Addo Somerhalder

    plzzzz put it back on. also from the netherlands

  • DvdinSD

    I can only hope TBS or the like will pick it up like CougarTown

  • Whaaaaa

    What a disappointment!! It’s the only show I actually PVR’ed bc I wanted to follow it! Boo!

  • GCB fan

    I loved this show ABC made a really bad decision!

  • Garrett

    I am also very upset!!!! The show was refreshing and gave light to the secrets of southern GCB women.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Missclaea Collette Clara

    I love that show I’m mad ABC suck ass!!!!!!

  • carmen

    Sad realy sad from holland!!!! A second season … i watch it!!!!!

  • VAn

    I love it! Why they cancelled it? They are so stupid!!!

  • Kaitlin

    please bring it back i’ve been waiting for it. actually me and tons of my friends and people everywhere! please renew it!!!

  • AD

    far more offensive programs, shows, movies out there; and GCB is canceled? I seriously doubt the REAL reason behind this.

  • Kendall<3


  • http://www.facebook.com/sissel.schanche Sissel Schanche

    still no hope for getting GCB back on the TV??? That TV serie was the best ! its just as good as friends was or as The big bang theory is now, it was and I think the GCB still is the serie I want to c the most !!!! GOBSMACKED that they dont make more seasons….

  • http://www.facebook.com/sissel.schanche Sissel Schanche

    should sell the serie to someone who would make it then if ABC dont want to make it them self anymore….

  • Ebba

    This is really upsetting, I want to know what happens with Amanda and the pastor. Brind the show back, from Sweden!

  • GCB Fan

    I can’t believe they canceled this show. Do they ever ask the fans what they should cancel, or just pick them at random. This show was so funny. What were the execs thinking? Or were they even thinking? Good bye GCB! One of the funniest shows in a long time. We will miss you!

  • ash

    Bring GCB back this is crazy this show wasn’t that bad if people don’t like it change the channel like all the other movies am I right some people hate twilight series that’s there opinion!!!

  • dfsfs


  • Whatever

    Yet they keep making the stupid Bachelor/Bachelorette crap. Go figure!

  • Kelly yi

    ABC is doing poorly if they delete this show. I came on google to see if they changed their minds about cancelling the show, but i guess it is never going to happen. The ending episode left such a cliff hanger. I feel so unsatisfied~

  • Good Christian B

    These comments should be a testimony of what WE the people would really like to watch and that be
    GCB I and many others love this show and we are your bread and butter Pleeeeeeze bring GCB
    Back on the air if I wanted 2 watch reality shows I would watch life every day !

  • Dumb Mickey Mouse

    I’m about to cancel ABC and it!’s affiliates!

  • Monicaishere

    This show was awesome! It just needed 1 more season to catch on. I was so looking forward to season 2. Very disappointed in CBS

  • Reprina

    It was so good. What happened? I so hoped for the new season. All these crapy shows continue to stay on the air while GCB gets cut? Not happy :-(

  • Stacey

    I loved this show!!! Bring it back ABC!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/walaka.wadaudijuma David Ogubi

    I was beginning to like GCB, and now it ends just like that! Very disappointed

  • http://www.facebook.com/catherine.pezeril Catherine Pezeril

    BRING IT BACK ????

  • Rodney

    Look, I’ll be honest…GCB was groundbreaking in its way….It would be right in step today because the world has changed in just that short a time. Blake and Crystals down low marriage is not a big deal. Dallas the nighttime soap opera has peaked and crested, and I think the network needs to re-think GCB. Plus I just love Ms Chenaworth so much. Her fantastic voice and the perky personality of the character she plays that strives to christian, but strays away, is unique. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angel Davis

    >_> very very mad. Now my favorite show is gone. Smh

  • maysoon

    I do not get how you guys keep series that nobody enjoys and finally there is a series that is unique and grabs the attention of the watcher and cancel it ? *it just that its really upsetting*

  • Kay1211

    PISSED!!! Bring it back! the show was clever, cute and fun! want more!

  • danielmcgregor

    I am so devastated, this show was exilerating and allowed you to feel every emotion. It was the greatest show I have ever watched. I don’t understand why abc has banned this show, obviously the ratings would have kept the show from being cancelled. Sooooo?????

  • http://www.facebook.com/sofie.bjerregaard Sofie Bjerregaard

    I am so tired of abc, they are cancelling all the good shows, one after one !
    Im from Denmark and i enjoy watching all the series from abc, but i am tired of watching series and they are just cancelled all the time !§

  • Crystal Gafford

    ABC, please bring GBC!!! I loved the show. It was so honest about the lives of some holier than thou family. Please give it a second season!

  • Natalie

    There was one on change.org You can probably still sign it.

  • Helenkeller

    So sad been waiting for its return didn’t know it had been canceled maybe another network will pick it up

  • PeaceLoveHappiness

    Our society has become so ‘Stupid’… seem the only shows that aren’t being cancelled are reality BS where middle-aged woman are punching each other or young adults are acting like whores. What is this world coming too?! Ignorance, brain-dead, violent shows have more ratings than a show with a story line. May God help you all! GCB will be missed!

  • RockStarDJ

    Screw ABC for caving to the Christian Fundamentalist asshats

  • Devan

    Wish they would bring it back awesome show

  • dorotea_donky_lara

    I LOVE GCB. I watched this series two times and I couldn’t wait for season 2 and then i heard there won’t be one I was soooo angry. Why do they cancel every good series. I don’t get it! I want season 2!

  • randi

    I grew up in a Christian family and honestly gcb is the funniest and truest show I’ve seen in awhile. Just because a few up tight Christians got offended u had to cancel an amazing show and disappoint more people than you offended. I am truely disgusted with abc.

  • jay

    why the Pastor and Amanda was cute…

  • raynati

    Man ……..I was looking forward to season two.I’m from samoa nd I love this show…..the girls in the family slways get togetherto ave a gud laugh at this show.right when the show was getting more interesting….stupid ABC had to can it…..bring it back please.

  • mavis

    my mom and I rented this show (we are Christians) and watched one episode after another. it was entertaining and funny. I can see how some people may be offended but I didn’t take it too seriously- just something fun to watch. also, the actors were great! i’m sad it got cancelled. especially since we were all left hanging at the end! I so wanted to see the next episode!

  • Kelly

    I love GCB, it was just getting good please ABC bring it back. There is not many shows on TV that i will watch. Take these silly reality tv shows off air and give me back GCB…….
    Please, Please bring it back season 2 would be great and the cast was a fantastic cast they did great things for this show.
    I am begging you BRING BACK “GCB” NOW