GCB "Hell Hath No Fury" Recap

GCB "Hell Hath No Fury" Recap

GCB debuted it's second episode yesterday and might I say it was absolutely delightful. The plot continues to develop and we continue to learn, old grudges die hard.

  • The episode opens with Carlene still hiding out in her glamorous bedroom, after her humiliation in Church when Amanda reveals that she owns Boobylicious.
  • Everyone tries to get her to go to Church  but she is too devestated, that is until Cricket offers to sing the song that Carlene was supposed to sing in church in dedication to Amanda. That offer couldn'thave gotten her outta bed and into Church fast enough.
  • Carlene gives a stellar vocal performance of "Jesus Take The Wheel" and oh so sensitively dedicates the song to Amanda (whose husband died in a car crash)
  • Back at Gigi's house, it's the kids first day of school and Gigi is trying to plan a luncheon with Heather to introduce Amanda into society, she also buys the kids new clothes and Amanda protests.
  • Cricket, Sharon and Carlene are having lunch when Cricket and Sharon's  cheerleader daughters join them and tell them about their plan to name Laura (Amanda's daughter) a javelina (dirty pig with a ritual involving throwing buckets of mud on the pig)
  • Heather's assistance with Gigi in planning the luncheon ousts  her from the group and the girls (excluding Heather) successfully manage to ruin Amanda's luncheon with some fun lies.
  • Carlene tries to reconcile herimage as owner of boobylicious by doing a re-haul and changing their sexy uniforms into Amish-couture
  • Sharon tries to stop Zach's wandering eye and Carlene suggests that he can't go a snackin' if he has a plentiful feast at home, which she takes literally and makes him a feast.
  • Cricket and Blake have marital issues because he wants to go to the ranch to celebrate his 3-year anniversary with his ranch foreman  instead of attending their daughter's first pep rally of the season
  • Amanda restores the boobylicious uniforms to well its boobliciousness and rushes to the pep rally only to find that Laura has been dubbed a fox. Cricket's daughter has a (Janet Jackson-esque) wardrobe malfunction .
  • Later that night Amanda has it out with Gigi and realises that she's been smothering Laura. When Laura returns home she encourages Amanda to fight back against Carlene and now it's on.

Fave Quotes:

Amanda: "...how can we when you're dressed like that"  Carlene: "I have a spiritual husband who likes them where he can see 'em"

Carlene: "Cleavage helps your cross hang straight"

Did you watch last night's episode, what do you think? Be sure to tune into the next GCB episode "Love is Patient" on Sunday March 17 at 10/9 c