Season 1 Episode 9 episode 9

GCB Episode 9 "Adam and Eve's Rib" Guide

GCB Episode 9 "Adam and Eve's Rib" Guide

The GCB's make some spicey racks in episode 9 "Adam and Eve's Rib" on Sunday, April 29 10/9c on ABC.

  • Amanda (Leslie Bibb) tries to put together an all female barbeque team to prove a point to her daughter,Laura (Lauran Irion), she recruits the helps of the GCBs for the cook-off of the year.
  • Heather (Jennifer Aspen) meets an attractive butcher (Kevin Alejandro)
  • Cricket (Mariam Shor) purchases stud services from businessman Mason Massey (Grant Bowler)
  • Carlene (Kristin Chenowyth) becomes frustrated with Ripp (David Elliot)
  • Sharon tries to help Zack (Brad Beyer) with his dealership problems

This season of GCB will only contain 10 episodes! So the last episode is "Revelation" rumoured to air May 6! :'( Good news is the first season DVD will be release on June 12.

What do you think of this new episode? Will you be watching? Commet Below and be sure to tune in this Sunday, April 15 to "Pride Comes Before the Fall"