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GCB Episode 7 "Sex Is Divine": Guide

GCB Episode 7 "Sex Is Divine": Guide

"Sex is Divine" airs next Sunday! (April 8 at 10) and it follows "Turn the Other Cheek" (airs at 9). Anyone else excited for the back to back GCB episodes?!

So as the title so... eloquently  puts it. Next weeks (or maybe 2 weeks in GCB time) sermon is about sex.

  • Pastor Tudor (Tyler Jacob Moore) surprises the congregation with the assignment to get frisky!
  • Everyone takes it seriously and does just that. (Well if  the Lord wills it)
  • Burl (Bruce Boxleitner) proposes to Gigi (Annie Potts), and she returns with a proposal of her own
  • Carlene (Kristin Chenowyth) goes overboard with the safe-sex messaging
  • Cricket (Miriam Shor) and Blake (Mark Deklin) interview surrogates
  • Amanda (Leslie Bibb) accepts the job as Pastor Tudor's assistant
  • Sharon (Jennifer Aspen) finds the secret to weight loss in the Bible

Sounds.. divine. Carlene's oh so sultry brother Landry Cockburn (Jack DePew) also guests stars in this episode looks like Amanda may be up to no good here as well. Don't forget to tune into tonight's episode "Forbidden Fruit" to meet Carlene's brother or just to have more Dallas fun!