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GCB Episode 3 "Love is Patient" Recap: The Thing About Marriage...

GCB Episode 3 "Love is Patient" Recap: The Thing About Marriage...

GCB aired yet another episode last night ("Love is Patient") and this week was all about the love. The entire episode was focused on relationships and marriage GCB aired yet another episode last night ("Love is Patient") and this week was all about the love. The entire episode was focused on relationships and marriage.

This week's sermon topic was "Love is Patient" and it featured the marriage all-stars, Ripp and Carlene, Cricket and Blake, and Sharon and Zach. We really got some insight into all of the ladies love lives.

Cricket and Blake

It's no news that Blake is gay and he um… horses around with his ranch foreman (pun intended). But In the past 2 episodes I know I've wondered "... so what (I mean who) does Cricket do?" Last night we found out, her workouts are a lot more vigorous than we thought. She does all of her exercise instructors, of recent her Pilate’s instructor. Then she found out he was engaged so she sent his fiancé and him a nice wedding basket and she bought out the chain of gym's they instructed at and tore it down.

Cricket: 1 Pilates Instructor:0

Now, that's the best kind of revenge if I do say so myself :p. So Cricket who's in desperate need of a 'workout' goes back to her old tae-kwon-doe instructor to be um taken to the mat. At the Church group Crick and Blake are the marriage all-stars for the singletons. Even though their marriage is essentially lie they have a real and strong relationship. They both love each other they both just have sex with other people. Cricket and Blake try to speed up the process so they can leave. Blake is confronted by Carlene in regards to their sex life and he in turn confronts Crick about being sloppy (at hiding her indiscretion). They make-up of course when they get home, and they have a real heart to heart. This episode has made their relationship feel authentic it's no longer about hiding the fact that Blake's gay. It's about the genuine love they share and the connection they have.

Carlene and Ripp

The main problem at the Cockburn house this week is that Ripp just can't seem to get it up. They attempt to do the deed numerous times but they fail each time and Carlene becomes increasingly frustrated (sexually) with each failed attempt. (Things get really funny as a result, she resorts to biblical role-play and Christian sex books). She then goes to Crick's tae-kwon-doe instructor to try and relieve some of her stress, so she asks him to do to her what he did to Cricket. He starts to undress and Carlene kicks and runs. Meanwhile, Ripp has a confusing obsession with Bill Vaughn (Amanda's dead husband).

At the Church's Single's Night the Cockburn's are the marriage all-stars for the once married and now single group. There Carlene tries to take the sin out of single, she tells Blake about the tae-kwon-doe mishap and later Cricket confronts her and tells her that she should keep her nose out of her marriage and focus on getting Ripp's flag up. Meanwhile, Ripp pulls the fire alarm and steals Amanda's husband piñata. When they get home Ripp confesses that he was a victim to Bill's Ponzi scheme and that's why they haven't played in the sheets lately. After, they finally do it they read Amanda's Bill secrets and they suggest that Bill could have faked his own death. I for one, think that the show is going to go in that direction. Bill probably faked his own and he's going to reemerge either episode 10 or hopefully the second half of the season.

Sharon and Zach

Sharon is still struggling to confront Zach about his Amanda kiss. She's doing everything to avoid it until she breaks down after calling the chili hotline for help. At the Church's singles night she and Zach are in the kitchen, where she is forced to confront Zach so that she can save her mouth from a 1-degree pepper burn. Back at the Peacham's Zach explains to Sharon that the kiss represented his pain over losing his high-school glory days all while Sharon is eating a tub of ice cream that was really insensitive. Sharon finally stands up for herself and takes charge of the situation and doesn't forgive Zach.

Amanda and Heather had storylines too but you're going to have to watch last night's episode to learn what they were. (sorry). I really like the direction the show's going in. They've started to develop some really good plotlines and they seem to be going in a substantial direction, which is going to add depth to all of the characters and dimensions to their relationships.

Thoughts? What did you think of last night's episode? Comment below and tune in to "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" next Sunday, March 25 at 10/9c on ABC.

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