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GCB Episode 3 "Love is Patient" Guide

GCB Episode 3 "Love is Patient" Guide

On March 18 GCB will premiere with a brand new episode entitled "Love is Patient" and it's set to go a little something like this:

  • A seminar forces Amanda (Leslie Bibb) to confront the past.
  • Heather (Marisol Nichols) goes after Andrew (TomEverett Scott) a former high school nerd.
  • Carlene (Kristin Chenowyth) meddles in Cricket (Miriam Shor) and Sharon's (Jennifer Aspen) relationships to distract from her own marital woes.


Now looking at the scheduled episode dates we're set to go 10 straight weeks of  GCB. So it seems like they've scheduled all the episodes they've filmed for the season to air and then they decide whether or not to axe the show after that  or keep it going for the 2012 TV show series. Now this all depends on viewer ratings and the number of people who tune in so y'all better start watching when GCB premieres March 4 10/9c on ABC. (If you live in Canada March 4 10 est on CTV).