GCB "Pilot" Recap, What Did You Think?

GCB "Pilot" Recap, What Did You Think?

For all of you skeptical about watching ABC's new show GCB or you just didn't have the time last night and want a clearer picture of the new show before you watch it, here's a brief recap of what went down in Dallas y'all.

  • Amanda Vaughn is forced to return home after her philandering (and cheating husband) dies in a car crash with her best friend in the car
  • She returns home to her Mother Gigi's house with her son and her daughter  in tow.
  • Carlene spots her moving back in and she tells the other ladies (Cricket, Sharon and Heather of the ews)
  • Meanwhile Gigi is  going through Amanda's old yearbook with Amanda and her daughter Laura and she recounts Amanda's day as mean girl and where each of the girls she bullied is now
  • Eager to move out of her mother's house Amanda calls Heather up to show her houses while a secret admirer leaves Amanda gifts
  • Havoc follows as Sharon hilariously tries to find out who Amanda's secret admirer is. And as Carlene, Cricket and Heather make sure that Amanda has a rough time settling in.
  • At Church Amanda reconnects with everyone after years away and meets Cricket's husband Blake and Sharon's husband Zach, who still has the hotts for her
  • After numerous failed job interviews, Amanda finally lands a job at Boobylicious
  • She later reveals that Boobylicious is a subsidiary of Cockburn Corp embarassing Carlene in Church

Fave Quote:

"Mother was I that bad?"  "Darling, you were a bitch with teeth"

This episode was full of jokes and just enough back story to keep it interesting. Be sure to tune in next week March 11 at 10/9c on ABC to catch GCB's next episode "Hell Hath No Fury".

Did you watch last night's pilot? Comment below with your thoughts!