Game of Thrones Spoilers: Season 3 Wraps and Interview

Game of Thrones Spoilers: Season 3 Wraps and Interview

It's official  The Game of Thrones cast and crew have finally wrapped filming for season 3 @CatTaylor tweeted the news this afternoon!

In the latest issue of SciFiNow there features a short interview with Brian Cogman, Game of Thrones writer and story editor. Check out the spoilery tidbits below!

“Today, I just came from the set where one of the iconic sword fights of the book is being shot, and any fan of the books will know what I am talking about,” he reveals. “I sat watching and thought to myself, ‘I’ve been waiting to see this scene shot in front of me for four years’, and I know fans have been waiting even longer than that. I’m thrilled that we can offer some of those moments this season.”

“From now on we’re not looking at a book per season,” Cogman confirms. “There’s going to be a lot more blending of elements from all the books as needed. You might see bits from other books, it just depends what each story needs in terms of adapting for televison.”

“The books are surprising, and so is the TV series” he teases. “We get more and more amazing cast members every year, and we kill a few too to make room… that tradition is going to continue in Season Three.”


Game of Thrones premieres Sunday, March 31,2013

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