Game of Thrones Season 3 The Women Speak

Game of Thrones Season 3 The Women Speak

The Game of Thrones Season 3 debuts in a matter of weeks on Sunday, March 31. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald GoT's actresses Michelle Fairley, Gwendoline Christie and Rose Leslie discussed their roles and what it's like playing a woman in a GoT man's world.

Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) on GoT's relatability


The issues that a lot of the characters deal with are relevant and prevalent in life today.Honesty, family, loss, grief, women's role in society, and the way – it certainly seems to me – the world is falling apart at the moment. There are so many parallels.There are different strands of female characters within the piece and, depending on what world they're from, they have certain traits. Some are born into intrigue and are very good politicians, while I think ultimately what most of them have, irrespective of whether they were born with that aspect, they learn quickly. They learn how to become a politician. In many ways they have to be stronger and faster and cleverer than the men in order to survive.

Gwendoline Christie on Brienne discovering her femininity


Personally, I feel that Brienne is coming to terms with her own femininity. It shows the evolution of one woman's psychology and I think that's incredibly enlightening and brave for a mainstream television show to have that sort of story-line  And I'm incredibly proud to have the opportunity to play that. Women in Game of Thrones have a harder job because they're existing within a man's world. Brienne's interaction and encounter with Catelyn Stark was enormously illuminating to her because she sees a woman that is full of power and strength, but is also very, very much a mother. And motherhood, certainly to Brienne, encapsulates being a woman.I was overwhelmed by the number of women who came up and said how much they loved the part and thanked me for playing it. It's very important to me the way in which women are portrayed and it interests me. There isn't a slew of parts that are like this that explore notions of femininity and what it is to be a woman, or gender stereotyping, and when it's affected someone, when anything you do has actually touched someone, then you've done your job.

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Rose Leslie  (Ygritte) on men's response to the GoT women

Men answer to these women in the show. I think that is absolutely brilliant and it is wonderful to have a role where you can get your teeth into something and not just be two-dimensional. Playing all these layers to a character is fabulous. Everywhere you look you have dominant women taking hold of the situation.”