Game of Thrones Season 3 Casting Spoilers

Game of Thrones Season 3 Casting Spoilers

It's official! The roles of Myranda and The Black Fish (Ser Bryden Tully ) have been cast!

The Black Fish will be played by Clive Russel (Sherlock Holmes (2009), Walking the Dead, Great Expectations)!

Ser Bryden Tully, or Ser Bryden the Blackfish is member of the House of Tully. He is a skilled and experienced fighter who is invaluable to King Robb Stark as an adviser and captain of the outriders. His personal coat of arms consists of the traditional Tully colors, but with a black fish. He is tall and lean, with a hoarse, smoky voice. His features are lined and weathered. His once-auburn hair has gone to grey. He has bushy eyebrows and bright blue eyes.

Myranda is rumoured to be played by Charlotte Hope (Walking the Dead, Doctors, Missing).

We're not entirely sure who Myranda is yet. Could be Myranda Royce, the daughter of Lord Nestor Royce of the Vale.
Perhaps she could be a combination of Myranda Royce and Mya Stone who was absent in Season 1 at The Eyrie.


We'll know soon enough! What do you guys think of the casting choice? Are you excited for season 3 comment below!