Spoilers: Which Questions Will Fringe Answer This Season

Fringe is finishing the shooting of the final 2 episodes of season 1. Here you can see some set pictures.  Fringe co-creators Orci and Alex Kurtzman did an interview with great Sci Fi Wire and they answered some questions ( spoilers ):

Will we figure out who The Observer is. We'll get a deeper context of what he is a part of ( not "who is he )

Why did Broyles requested to put Olivia on this unit is going to be answered by the end of the year.

Questions like "Why is the [Pattern] happening? What is causing all of these things? What is the Pattern?" have the answer. That answer will probably be a long time coming.

What sort of weird science will we seein future episodes?

  • Chips under your skin to track you to cloning.  (which is now real)
  • Rover on Mars.
  • Invisibility cloaks.
  • High [Frequency Active] Auroral Research Program that bounces lasers off the ionosphere and can see underground.
  • Potential weather control, used by the Chinese during the Olympics.
  • Chem trails, you know, the German government admitting that, yes, indeed, they have been putting chemicals in some of the airborne aerosols that planes