Fringe Spoilers: The Cast Talks The Fringe Team’s Next Move After Etta’s Death — Q&A and Video

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November 2, 2012

In an interview with TV Guide the cast of the FX sci-fi drama, Fringe, previewed the team’s game plan against the baldies a.k.a The Observers.

Anna Torv on mourning her daughter’s passing –

“The next episode for Olivia is where she makes a decision to mourn differently this time and to handle her grief differently, and to try and find a little bit more of a shared thing with Peter through it, instead of them separating like they did,”

Jasika Nicole on the team’s breaking point when Etta’s death grew profoundly in each of them –

“At some point in the future, it’s a breaking point for one of the characters. It’s just too hard for them accept that. Her death was something that needed to happen. They’ve gone through a lot of really difficult situations, but this is the one situation that they were completely unprepared for. It’s really hard to watch them struggle through the ensuing episodes.”

Check out the video clip below and find out about the after effect of Etta’s death and how it will change everything as the Fringe team move forward –

‘Fringe’ airs every Friday on FX.