Fringe Spoilers: Joshua Jackson and Jasika Nicole Talks Season 5 -- Peter's Transformation & Defeating The Observers

Lead co-stars of Fringe, Joshua Jackson and Jasika Nicole spoke to FX in this interview where they gave fans a preview on what's ahead for the team against the Observers.

Currently on their last and final season, Peter, Astrid, Walter and Olivia are embarking on a huge mission to save the world from the baldies in suit, the Observers. After losing a very important person among them --- Etta, the team must refute the Observers and find the necessary means to defeat them.

Etta's father Peter, was not able to accept her death under the most positive outcome. In lieu, he decided to take things ominously by being one of the Observers.

Below are a couple of video snippets from FX from the on-screen portrayers of Peter and Astrid. Joshua previewed Peter's transformation as one of the balides, calling it a "falling apart" moment, while Jasika discusses the Fringe team's handy tech tools as their means to bring down the Observers.

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Source: FX