Fringe Spoilers: John Noble Talks Season 5 -- Walter Has Set Up a Treasure Hunt

Fringe Spoilers: John Noble Talks Season 5 -- Walter Has Set Up a Treasure Hunt

TV Fanatic queried Fringe actor, John Noble about the season 5 premiere that gave fans an upscale kind of TV experience in the show's time jump in 2036. Noble also teased some of his character's next move as Walter Bishop and his quest to save the world. Read the spoilers we grabbed from he said interview below!

The situation has changed for Walter and the team, such that they have to rely on each other more than ever. They don't have the FBI or government backing their quest to save the world anymore.

  • "These people have now become the rebels," Noble says. "They as a team, and individually, are public enemy number one. They will become tense and they will become frustrated with each other, but then they have to come back and bond together. It's very realistic, and it's something that I've always wanted to happen on Fringe — where we have a common enemy, where we're forced, in a sense, to be the bad guys in the world view...
  • "So even though we may snap at each other and carry on like that, it is like a family now. We would die for each other, literally. So that's what holds us together."

The plan left fragmented in Walter's head was lost when the Thought Unifer was found inoperable due to the amber, so the team is forced to go another route. Noble details how this will change the show's format for the better:

  • "I think the fascinating thing about this season as it goes forward, is that Walter has set this up by planting a series of clues, and it's like a treasure hunt in a way. The genius that the writers have done this year, because we don't want to do monsters of the week — we didn't want to, we wanted something for the fans — we have to chase a clue a week, really...
  • "We're going after these bizarre clues in very strange places. Because Walter being Walter has hid them in weird, weird places. Very strange places. So he's pushing forward with that. But they're all driven. They have a plan that will defeat the Observers, but they can't — they've got to get all of these pieces together, and Walter is struggling with his lack of memory. And the fact that they are rebels lifts the ante a lot. It's a really exciting journey."

Source: TV Fanatic