Here are some latest Fringe spoilers taken from TV Guide magazine about William Bell.

Fringe is casting sixtysomething actor in a role of William Bell, a former lab partner of William Bishop.

William Bell debuts in season finale as one of the richest men behind the largest, most powerfull, most secretive corporation with defense department and international ties.

The froundwork for Bell's arrival is laid in the April 21 episode, which finds Olivia learning more about the role Bishop played in Bell's experimentation on her with the drug Cottexiphan when she was a girl.

What she finds out about some of the frightening things Walter did does not sit very well with her. She starts having these horrific dreams of people dying and when she wakes up she realizez it's been happening for real.

The climactic scene finds hordes of people on a Manhattan rooftop about to plunge to their deaths.