Fringe Spoilers: Final Season Episode Title Revealed

Fringe Spoilers: Final Season Episode Title Revealed

The end is near for the Fringe team and The Observers. With already eight episodes aired and only five to go, I'm sure that the Fringe fandom is begging for more. Fret not people, 'cause the baldies are definitely bringing more Observer-gumption to bring us a massive and banging finale.

Speaking of, the finale for the fifth and final season has already been unmasked! Thanks to showrunner, J.H. Wyman.

The title of season 5 episode 13 will be called, "An Enemy of Fate". Although major details are still under secrecy, Wyman weighed-in that the finale will end with a literal bang. He tells TV Line ---

“It’s definitely the biggest season finale we’ve ever had,” Wyman promised. “It’s the most expensive…. It’s massive, really big. I wanted to go out like, ‘Wow, how did they do that?'

I wanted to make sure I handled [the action element] and the emotions with equal import."

The 2-hour finale of Fringe is expected to air on Friday, Jan. 18. This also marks the 100th episode of the sci-fi series.

What do you think "An Enemy of Fate" means?