Fringe Season 5 Episode 9 “Black Blotter” Promo #2

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December 11, 2012

Check out this second promo for this Friday’s Fringe, season 5 episode 9 “Black Blotter”.

  • WadeWWilson87

    I like where Fringe is heading in its final
    season. A few of my friends that work with me at DISH didn’t really like the
    idea of Peter with observer abilities, but I like how it’s leveled the playing field.
    I’m going to miss the show quite a bit, so I’ve been saving every episode of
    this season to my DISH Hopper. It’s nice to have a 2TB hard drive to let me
    save everything I want to, along with a full season if I need it. My last DVR
    always ran out of room halfway through a season. Cheers to Black Blotter and
    the remaining episodes of a great show.