‘Fringe’ Season 4 Spoilers – What We Know So Far

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May 9, 2011

Fringe finished its third season a ton of burning questions to sort through. Below we’ve made a (short for now) list of all confirmed season 4 spoilers  – make sure you contact us for future updates.

  • Needless to say, Fringe was renewed for a full season 4 – 22 episode pick-up.
  • Executive producers revealed that both Walters and William Bell still tried to cross over and succeeded, setting up the current war of the worlds. That can answer how Fringe  exists without Peter and the central conflict he provides.
  • As for Peter and star Joshua Jackson: we already wrote that he’ll be back – “Will Peter (Joshua Jackson) Be Back for ‘Fringe’ Season 4″ .
  • Brad Dourif will not return.
  • Emily Meade may be back as Ella Dunham.
  • Producer’s would not tell what happened in Detroit. Hm.
  • Time travel should play a big role in Season 4. Walter stated in almost the same breath that he had sent the machine back in time and that he couldn’t simply go back himself, so expect Peter and Walter to be intimately involved with the creation of the Machine and the events of the First People.
  • The recently united Fringe divisions will almost certainly be working together to somehow repair universes.
  • Airhersalderaz

    “Executive producers revealed that both Walters and William Bell still tried to cross over and succeeded, setting up the current war of the worlds.”

     Ok. That means… the machine was built for another purpose, or was built by the observers to re-adress the balance but to be used by someone else. All of Walter and Walternate’s emotional  driving forces are different. Walter may have had his brain tampered with for different reasons, or not at all. Olivia is still lacking in self-confidense, as Peter was the biggest factor in helping to heal her phycological problems. The cortexifam trials have to have still taken place, but without the emotive drive involving Peter. Walter would not have the regret, guilt and emotional termoil of lossing Peter and taking/keeping the other Peter, but would also lack the emotional support Peter provided just being there, paticularly after Walter came out of the institute, and Olivia would have had to have found Walter differently to begin with, meaning her partner may not have survived the first time around. Also Walter’s relationship with his wife would have been different having had not child (I assume) and having missed the experince of having a son at all would have made a big difference to him as a person. Furthermore, he would have needed an equally important reason to go to the other side, which – knowing Walter – would have been emotionally driven, because that’s the only reason he took and would take that kind of risk. William Bell was alot more cautious about this risk, and had no emotional incentive to take this action, so why he would go, and why indeed his thought’s action would be any different simply because Walter did not have a son, is also a mystery.
     And the biggest question is, if the universes can only be joined by the effects of the machine… who operated it?