'Fringe' Spoilers on Peter's Return

Peter is coming back — and sooner than we thought! Once he does return, no one will remember who he is, and will actually think he's as crazy as Walter.

Anna Torv has shared some spoilers with the TV Guide:

  • They (characters) don't know him. He's a stranger to everyone, except he knows a lot of stuff.
  • When he shows up claiming all these things and knowing all these things, it's really freaky.
  • Broyles' attitude is that it's possible what he's saying is true.
  • Peter will eventually earn their trust. It has to reach a point where there's so much validity to the information that he has and the way that he helps, that over time, he's given more and more trust and more and more freedom to operate, work and help.
  • Lincoln and Olivia will establish a very good connection and became partners pretty quickly and found that they really saw eye-to-eye. As we go along, we'll see that relationship open up a little more.
  • It's not likely that Henry will return to the series unless the timeline reverts back, speaking of the baby. They may end up going back to the other timeline.