“He Never Existed” – Will Peter (Joshua Jackson) Be Back for ‘Fringe’ Season 4

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May 7, 2011

On last nights mind-blowing Fringe season finale, we see Peter fizzling out of existence, with a helpful gathering of Observers explaining that “Peter never existed” and thus nobody remembers him. But that’s okay, because “Peter served his purpose.”?

We’re guessing the “vanishing Peter” thing won’t stick in season 4, but meanwhile, what does this mean? Here are few theories we thought of, also please share yours in the comments below:

  • Peter was never born?

  • Somehow Peter changed things just enough that Walter never crossed over to rescue him from the other universe, and thus he died of that disease in 1985.

    These two theories woudln’t explain why Walter and Walternate still dispute. Why would Walternate still accuse Walter of breaking his universe if Peter was never born or died of disease? This leaves us to:

  • The machine does stuff we don’t know about, and one of its functions is to erase its operator from the timeline for his own protection.

  • The Observers did it — the way in which they say “Peter served his purpose” makes you wonder if they’ve been keeping Peter in existence all along, using their Observer powers, and now they no longer need him.

It seems like another time paradox: Peter never existed, and yet all of the stuff that happened because of Peter still happened, including Walter’s original crossing-over and the activation of the machine.

In any case, Joshua Jackson will be back for season 4. “He’s got a job. He’s still under contract,” J.H. Wyman confirmed. “We can’t yet reveal what exactly we have in store for him, but he’s definitely not going out for other shows.” executive producer continued.

Keep checking our born again Fringe Spoilers page during the hiatus, we’ll be updating you on any spoilers or clues we hear!

  • Sheriff1990

    he would of still been born………its a loop, peter has to be born to go back intime to provide the drawings as relics for the peter in the present. and if peter isnt born then would mean none of the events would occour that would prevent peter from going back intime……..confused yet?

  • Marco

    Remember that the observer pulled Peter out of the frozen pond because he was needed to save the 2 universes that began to decay because of the first dimensional crossing.  From the observers point of view, Peter was never meant to live to reach adulthood.

  • waridi

    i loved very much the 3rd season finale..i cant believe peter never existed. J.J Abrams is very creative.. but i bet peter and Olivia’s baby from the other universe will play a very big role in sn 4. i cant wait to watch it

  • Alphonix

    But who made the machine in the first place?
    And the sample from the baby to start the machine,no man seed planted to make said baby?

  • May

    i think that at the begining peter died so walter so affected by his son’s death he went crazy and the hole fringe chapters are only what walter imagine to get his son back and nothing else!!

  • megabitez

    maybe walter is really crazy and imagine all of this in the mental institue he was in

  • Michael

    if things were as simple as creating a wormhole to get back in time and fix things, walter could go back explaining himself the consequenses of saving/stealing peter. but then again we would not have a show. my guess is that peter was a “tool” for the observers to get the two worlds toghether to solve an even greater issue presented in season 4!
    my guess is that

  • Garytemp

    I remember watching an interview with some of the writers and they said there might be other universes. What I think we saw at the end was a third universe created by Peter, thus we may see Over Here, Over There, and Here and There Universes. Just a thought 

  • Hiddenmemory

    I believe it is most likely they will build upon the idea Walter mentioned in the future about it being a paradox. Walter said he couldn’t change things because they already happened but Peter can make a different choice within that decision. They may even make reference to that shrodingers cat theory (quantum theory) where at any one time the cat is both alive and dead but by observing you affect change. Could be where the bald guys come in too, by observing, they know the truth but everyone else is outside the box… I got a nosebleed now, hehe

  • Groovyziz

    Speaking of unanswered questions !!! And i just seen the series from season one to three. Just wondering what were the little discs they take out of peoples palms all about ? And where on earth are all the qhapeshifters in the alternate universe .
    And do not get me started on the finale !! I’ve been consulting blogs to try and understand something ! And all i get is theories ! ( somehow like looking for answers for the mullholland drive movie ! ) will not go into lost analogy !

  • Sand_castle

    I think the bald guy, the watcher-person doesn’t save (lil’) over-there Peter when he’s over here and they fall through the ice… Maybe? I dunno, it seems like a possibility…

  • Hoshi

    Well, I’m pretty sure that lobby when they are trying to get to “Olivia” (Bell) was the same lobby from the second level of Inception.  Not to mention the whole “die in dream, wake up in reality” bit.

  • Hoshi

    Eh… the main reason I hope it doesn’t happen that way is that is exactly how the 5th (31st) season of Doctor Who ended. 

    I like to think that they will come up with something more original than that

  • Sonsam

    Maybe they could bring back Mark Valley ?

  • S_rigas

    I believe JJ Abrams has a talent for creating real intrigate mysteries to the point where everything can just not be explained! Like the lost series where in the finale everything was such in out of order where nothing made sense anymore and they revised this rip off finale where everyone was dead! like we assumed all along! Hope he does not repeat the same mistake in this series! Unless he plans to have everybody dead again!I have the notion that J Abrams might finally be the person who is on LSD and not Walter!

  • Nancee

    You can’t mind manipulate a baby into existence…imagine all the teen moms trying to convince their parents of THAT!!!

  • Aqeel

    Actually what I understand that Peter was died in the lack that time when observered saved him and by doing this he changed the future. Now he fixed his mistake and disapear the peter from timeline. This is all what I understand from finale. 


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002269385323 Luca Ceccatelli

    Peter had to die in both universes.

    But Observers need him alive to fulfill his purpose: save at least one of 2 universes with the machine.Once done, Observers must re-create balance between the 2, thus Peter must disappear.But he’s not dead on both universes (which should be more “logical” with all seasons episodes), nobody can even remember him! Mmmhhh…

  • Dude with opinion

    Unfortunately, many of us like a story to make damn sense, no matter how odd it is. I call it the God complex… some of the writing, that is, “he works in mysterious ways” so just accept it. Lube is optional.


  • Perfect Oneness

    It will turn out that the machine is just an amusement park ride called “Virtual God” that expands the riders consciousness for five minutes, during which their perception experiences 120Billion years from the creation of a universe through it’s evolution up to and including it’s ultimate heat-death.  Peter is the rider, and the machine malfunctions for a split second, and causes the imagined universe to go fractal and begin dividing over and over.  The Observers are actually the amusement park operators, and are inserted into the universe (part of their standard safety and operations protocol – why they can move through time and space etc. without effort) to correct the issues and re-establish balance in the ride so it can be properly shut-down.  Due to the malfunction, Peter becomes a participant/prisoner of his imagined universe(s) and the only way to correct the issue is to re-unite the fractal versions of Peter (via the metaphor of the machine in the illusion) so he can be extracted and return to the “God” role of the ride as it’s creator, rather than it’s captive.  Most of the people closest to Peter in the illusion are based (by him) on people in his real life (the amusement park life).  Peter disappeared because he was never intended to be a participant in the drama, but only the awareness of it (all, every atom on up in the imagined universe(s)).  The Observers (park employees) Had a running bet, as to weather the imagined characters would remember Peter as each version of him vanished during the correction of the malfunction.  Peter is crucial to the correction of the machine’s flip-out, as he is directly connected through consciousness to the entire scenario.  That is why Peter was sick as a child in his illusion because the ride isn’t designed to support the rider as a character so the process automatically sees him as a threat, and attempts to terminate him.  The ride has malfunctioned before, and the riders were internally terminated, but this proved too traumatic to the riders.  Siddhartha Gautama was poisoned to extract him, Yeshua ben Yosef was crucified to achieve his extraction and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was shot.  With many improvements to the ride, extraction took on a much less traumatic form – The metaphor of the machine – familiar to the host.  However with the beginning of season 4 we are barely beginning to properly extract Peter Bishop, and many more universal rifts and wars are yet to come as well as some of the most bizarre “Fringe Science” we have yet to be exposed to.  Or not . . .

  • David Olden

    “…using their Observer powers…”

    Really puts a new spin on the phrase ‘Powers of Observation’!

  • Agent_runt

    I like the theory already stated: Peter returns as a different character, but I would think his character name, Peter, would remain. This makes for a tricky story line. A second idea: The Observer stated to another: “You have to make sure they never know he grew to be an adult (or reached adulthood).” The ‘he’ the Observer referred to may be Peter…the fact that Walter and Olivia have been dreaming of Peter, and yet do not recognise him supports this idea. Peter is an adult in their visions. A third idea: We’re told in episode 3 that both Peter’s died, one by disease, and the other by drowning. Could the Observer have still saved both Walter and Peter, just as previously, with the difference being that Walter was left unconscious, while Peter was taken to safety. A kind of ‘separation at birth’. Of course this leads back to my second idea nicely, that Peter grows up to become an adult. These ideas still don’t explain the crucial question: Where is Peter then? Why is he a ‘ghost’? Did he become a spirit trapped within the Machine? And what did he mean by, “I tore holes in both your worlds, for you to resolve peacefully?” Maybe Peter reappears once the worlds restore balance. Only then can Peter be reincarnated into whichever world he chooses to belong? Perhaps he must remain aloof because he is the key to the balance. 

    The part I’m not liking: Toward the end of Season 2 and into Season 3 Bolivia and Agent Lee= some sort of possible romance brewing. Obviously, this could happen to Olivia and Agent Lee, meaning the story line of Olivia and Peter’s romance breaks, and we’re left believing they never had a connection or romance. Please let this not be the case!

  • MSF

    I didn’t like the end of Joshua character, but in a serie where there are another universes with THE SAME people of the others, doing almost the same jobs e lifes, tss… :D