Dr. William Bell : Casting & Spoilers

If you forgot, Dr. William Bell was privy to all of Dr. Walter Bishop’s research which will probably lead to some conflict.

He will be ID'd in the finale, but that he might not be formally introduced in his first appearance, which could be sooner.

Casting spoilers:

Fringe is casting a sixtysomething actor in the role of William Bell, a former lab partner of Walter Bishop (John Noble). Exec producer Jeff Pinkner describes the Bill Gates–meets–Dick Cheney character, who’ll debut in the season finale, as “one of the richest men behind the largest, most powerful, most secretive corporation with defense department and international ties.” The groundwork for Bell’s arrival is laid in the April 21 episode [titled Bad Dreams], which finds Olivia (Anna Torv) learning more about the role Bishop played in Bell’s experimentation on her with the drug Cortexiphan when she was a girl.