Fringe Spoilers: Is Mr. Jones Human, Episode Titles, Olivia’s Personal History

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March 4, 2009

Are Peter and Olivia finally going to get it on?olivia_fringe

Joshua Jackson sure wouldn’t mind it. “Peter is a shallow, vile, hedonistic, nihilistic man,” he tells us. “So, if Olivia would sleep with him, I think he would.” Now it’s just convincing Olivia to hop in the sack. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Olivia may have a love connection with her FBI colleague Charlie (Kirk Acevedo). We’ll find out in the sixteenth episode.

We may meet Olivia’s creepy MIA stepfather in the flesh by the end of the season.

After the show finally returns April 7, the third episode back will deal with Olivia’s personal history. And we’ll learn that Mr. Jones really is human. And, says producer Jeff Pinkner, the show is going to be more careful about revealing the answers to mysteries too quickly because some of the answers have felt like let-downs.

Here are some future episode titles by Fringe Television

Fringe Episode 18 titled as “Midnight”

Fringe Episode 17 titled as “Bad Dreams”

Fringe Episode 16 titled as “Unleashed”