Fringe Spoilers : Dr. Smith | Season Finale

Mysterious William Bell

When this show finally returns from its endless hiatus, in April, we'll learn a massive revelation about the mysterious William Bell. And we'll find out more about how Walter, Olivia and Peter were all linked from the beginning.

Peter's Past

Peter's shady past will catch up with him, says producer Jeff Pinkner. In particular, the work he was doing in Iraq at the start of the series will have direct consequences to the Fringe team. And Olivia will learn more about the experiments she underwent as a child with the drug Cortexiphan. And she'll meet a guy who also went through the same experiments - but who can't control the dangerous results.

Season Finale Spoilers - "Dr. Smith"

Big news: the show is casting a character for the season finale named "Dr. Smith," a brilliant male scientist aged 55 to 65, who's authoritative and comes from old money, and is a "contemporary of Walter Bishop." Everybody is assuming this is actually the mysterious William Bell, meaning that Bell isn't someone we've already seen on the show after all — unless this is a fake-out. The character only has one scene in the finale, and then becomes a recurring character in season two. And the rumor mill says the show is looking for a big-name actor to put alongside Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble.

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