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"Bound" Promotional Photos ( Episode 11 )

"Bound" Promotional Photos ( Episode 11 )

We have just received some episode 11 promotional pictures, thumbnails more precisely but we will try to get larger versions.

Picture descriptions:

  • A mysterious slug is the creature of the week in the FRINGE episode “Bound”.
  • Olivia (Anna Torv) finds herself trapped in a mysterious lab.
  • Walter (John Noble) creates a makeshift lab in the back of the team’s car.
  • Olivia (Anna Torv) searches an abandonded warehouse.
  • Olivia (Anna Torv) chases a suspect.
  • The Team sets up a roadside lab ( car picture ).
  • Ari Graynor guest-stars.


Fringe episode 11 is called "Bound", and it airs on January 20th 2009, for more info check our episode guide.