Will Demetri Really Die Before April 2010? Maybe Not

Will Demetri Really Die Before April 2010? Maybe Not

gabrielleunionmainGabrielle Union spoke with Movieline about working with Cho and the plight of her character, who’s “flashforward” of April 29, 2010 seems to conflict with what we think we understand about Demetri. Below you can read the interview, where it seems she revealed big spoiler?

She Demetri’s (John Cho) fiance Zoey in the series. Here's what she says:

“I have a ‘flashforward’ that’s a little different than his, as he doesn’t have one, and I’m insisting that he was in mine. But I believe that we are getting married. I think that’s what I see.”

She quickly added :)

“The [producers] are Fort Knox-y. If you say something, they’ll track you down!”

Here's more about her character:

“She's a really smart character who is not in-your-face or a know-it-all.”

“I’d like to think she’s a little more realistic than the over-the-top, sort of fictionalized — how fictionalized characters are drawn. Like, she can’t have it all! She can’t be smart, and have a dude, and have good credit, or you know, whatever. She’s actually pretty balanced, normal, and highly functioning, which is rare for me to play, as she’s not completely neurotic.”