Marks Flash Forward: List of Things We Saw

Marks Flash Forward: List of Things We Saw

List of things we saw or read on Marks FlashForward.

  • Picture: Male and another male, second in old diving suit?


  • Picture: Black Swan?


Flyer: The Crown Cheese Steak - Help Us


  • Picture: Hydra monster and pyramid


  • Visual: Masks


  • Picture: Black birds
  • Card: Blue Hand
  • blue-hand

  • Card: Red Panda
  • red-panda

  • Codename: Mosaic
  • Clothing: Friendship Bracelet
  • Clothing: White shirt, black tie
  • Diagram: Machine parts? Timers?
  • Words: Dieu
  • Evidence: Passport (European Community / United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
  • passport

  • Card: Gibbons
  • doctor

  • Card: Baby Doll Photographs
  • doll

  • Picture: Bullet with words "NOT TODAY"
  • Picture: Older male, thining hair. 137 Sekunden (137 Seconds in German)
  • Picture: Baby doll with marker "8"
  • Map: Unknow area, but center is midpoint of grey colored plateus shaped like bird feet
  • Date: April 29, 2010 (date of GBO was October 6, 2009)
  • Time: 10:00 PM (time of GBO was 10:00 AM)
  • Action: Mark tares a paper off the wall and throws at desk out of frustration
  • Action: Writes "WHO ELSE KNOWS" on the April 29, 2010 day planner page (see other post: 3 versions)


  • Action: Drinks from a flask
  • Clock: Looks like 10pm
  • Exit Sign: in green? aren't they normally in red?
  • Map: Baltimore, or marked as such (next to red tape yellow).

There are 2 maps. One is a modern street map labeled as "Baltimore", but having grown up around Baltimore I can't place any landmarks. The other is greyscale map either topography or satellite imagery that isn't labeled. There is a point where Mark runs his hand along the center of it. It's the one with Stonehenge like features, but clearly not Stonehenge.

  • Others: Assailants with Guns (did they have a similar vision?, is it something who works with Mark and knows?), caucasian, with 3 stars tatooed on left forearm
  • Evidence: Chess piece, white queen, tacked above map of baltimore on last tuesday of month.
  • chess

  • Date: Tag of "2nd" (GBO?) tacked on last friday of month on same as chess piece. The only month ending on a Thursday during the window is December, implying that something happens on December 25, 2009 (other then Christmas)
  • Drawing: Female like humanoid (at least biped), partially nude?
  • Painting: oil, Old, renaissance era?
  • Date: April 29, 2010 marked as D-DAY on calendar, with blue dominate color background and green angled from top left to lower right and around border, done with marker. The words on the date say D-Day
  • Photo: Dead elephants
  • We see an almost bald guy with a beard.
  • We see the mugshot of what appears to be the woman prisoner too paused it to read her name:- Alda Hertzog, date of birth :- 04/10/63 - in US month comes first so this date 10th of April - FlashForward day.

Thanks to Krozy137 and SplashOnward.

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