Mark/Lloyd/Olivia Love Triangle Spoilers

Mark/Lloyd/Olivia Love Triangle Spoilers

flashforward-mark-olivia FlashForward's tense Mark/Lloyd/Olivia love triangle will come to a head on the Oct. 22 episode when third-wheel Lloyd (Jack Davenport) knocks on the door of married couple Mark (Joseph Fiennes) and Olivia (Sonja Walker), who saw a future glimpse of herself and Lloyd together as a couple. From

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“Mark’s not pleased to see Lloyd,”

teases Jack, whose character arrives with the autistic son (Dylan) Olivia has been treating at the hospital. From his own flash forward, Dylan will immediately recognize both the house and Mark and Olivia’s daughter, and feels an instant connection.

“It’s a weird territory,” adds Joseph. “Lloyd and Mark can’t condemn each other at this stage for what hasn’t yet happened. Plus, you risk possibly manifesting the (infidelity) outcome as a self-fulfilling prophecy.”